About Us

After being founded in 2019, CyberSoc has brought an incredible variety of events and activities to students here at Cardiff University, whether in-person or online. Being a newer society has not stopped us from achieving great things; after being awarded The Best Large Society award of 2021, we aim to continue our work to become an integral aspect of student life.
If you are a Cardiff University student interested in tech, we highly recommend joining our society (it's FREE!). We hope to see you at one of our events soon.

Our Team

Jack Le Bon
Alex Hayman
Laura Choy
Louis Davies-Cren
Engagement Officer
Stella Bejide
Social Secretary
Ryan Davis
Communications Manager
Kriti Shewaramani
Wellbeing and Diversity Manager

Our Culture

Be Inventive

At CyberSoc, being innovative is at the forefront of our minds. We use leading tech to streamline processes to free up more time to organise unforgettable events.

Learn and Be Curious

Running a society is not easy; therefore, we always try to adapt and learn new operating methods while seeking additional learning opportunities!

Be Diverse and Inclusive

Unique ideas flourish from diverse groups of people. We strongly believe in diversity and ensuring that everyone feels welcome at CyberSoc.

Build Relationships

We work tirelessly with companies and organisations to help build bridges between Cardiff students and industry. We welcome and company of any size to get in touch!

Member Obsessed

It is safe to say that members are the heart of the society; they are the reason why we do what we do!

Leverage Technology

We leverage new and exciting emerging technologies such as cloud computing joint with CI/CD pipelines to ensure our members' experience high performance and availability.

Make a Difference

We have received exceptional feedback for our events, and many of our previous members have been employed by partnered companies! We endeavour to ensure this continues.

Deliver Exceptional Events

We work tirelessly to host extraordinary events that our members want to see! If you have any event ideas or would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch!

Think Big

CyberSoc's ability to think big has led to us being recognised as the best large society in Cardiff, and we are the largest University Tech Society in Wales! We have great goals, and we're eager to see them come to fruition!

Be Collaborative

At CyberSoc, we collaborate with many people and organisations; it's what makes us stand out. None of this would be possible if it were not for teamwork; we appreciate everyone who has helped us reach this stage.

High Standards

It's no secret that we demand the best; we are passionate about the quality we output and endeavour to ensure it continues.