A few tips from experts for winning the UI Design Challenge!

The UI Design Challenge is taking place on the 28th October at 6pm, giving you the opportunity to design your own mobile app interface. Here a few tips from industry experts to help you win the challenge!

We're excited to announce that UI and design experts from Admiral and Principality will be joining us on the 28th October to judge your designs and answer any questions you might have for them.

About the UI Design Challenge

The UI Design Challenge is focused around designing your own app (no coding required)! Following the similar breakout rooms experience to our Give it a Go events, you’ll be given 30 minutes to design a simple app interface using any software you like.

What's more is that 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place will each be awarded with an Amazon voucher, Revs card and free CyberSoc hoodie!

This event is catered for everyone, so even if you haven’t designed an app before, come along and give it a go – it’s free for all our members! It’ll be a really great opportunity for all of us to meet again after our successful freshers events.

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Over to the experts...

Hey everyone, we’re really looking forward to this great event. Remember, this is the perfect place to try things that might and might not work and that’s the point. You win or learn.

Here’s a few tips that might be helpful reminders when you’re in the midst of creating your UI. These are things we’re constantly reminding ourselves, hopefully you find it useful too!

lawsofux.com is a great resource to easily dive into some design and UX concepts. See you all soon!