Code First Girls: Introduction to Web Development

Code First Girls is a program dedicated to fighting inequality in the tech industry, one of the fastest growing areas in the UK.

They are one of the largest communities of coders and coaches, looking to train women identifying and non-binary people in coding and web design. They run these free courses in over 50 universities as well as countless other institutions.

They will be running an 8-week online course for our female-identifying and non-binary students from the 13th of October to the 1st of December. Each session will be about two hours and take place on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 - 8:30pm. As it's done online there is no limit to the number of students that can take part. For this first semester we are looking to run a course in web design and development, and if that goes well we will be looking to run another next semester, possibly in app development.

To enrol in the course, students just need to sign up with their Cardiff email through this link:

Looking for job opportunities?

Code First Girls are really good at advertising jobs and internships happening in the industry, so it's always worth checking out their opportunities page here:

Thinking about volunteering?

Fiona, who is the lead for volunteering at Code First Girls says:

"Since 2015, we have worked with 19,000+ young women, providing them with £9 million worth of free coding courses. We have a real impact on the careers the participants choose - from working in or building their own tech startup to becoming junior software developers. The work you do as volunteer instructors really is making a difference to these young women's lives.

As a course instructor, you play a critical role in our organisation and how we run the classes in Web Development, Python, or SQL. We find that the instructor is pivotal to how the girls experience CFG - you not only guide them through the course, but set the tone and atmosphere for the class. We will provide you with all course materials and share what we have found to be good ways to deliver the content.

Our instructors come from a variety of coding backgrounds, and include computer science/technical undergraduates/post-graduates, company based professionals with programming experience, freelance developers and university lecturers."

To sign up to become an instructor you just need to fill out this form, and CFG will get in touch with you:

You can find more information about Code First Girls on their website: