CyberSoc's dedicated Industry Networking Line goes live.

As part of CyberSoc's adventurous growth plans, we have introduced an online call centre service which will serve primarily as a convenient route which can be leveraged by industry to swiftly begin communication with us in order to initiate a new - or service an existing - relationship or engagement with us. The new service also allows for a cross-committee means to handle inbound calls and place targeted, meaningful outbound contact in order to help us as we strive to make our already-strong industrial network to reach a new level of variety. Keeping in touch has never been more important; this is just one of the ways we are making this happen.

Getting your call to the right place

We care a lot about ensuring that we are able to facilitate a meaningful and highly effective engagement for you and your organisation. CyberSoc seeks to understand the needs of every industry contact it works with and as a result your call will be routed to the appropriate VP-level committee member dedicated to handling your particular industry sector in the first instance. Rest assured that the person who answers your call will be somebody with a deep commitment to helping to craft something amazing with you.

The power of Amazon Connect

The service runs on Amazon Connect, a bespoke contact centre solution on AWS. Standing as an extremely powerful tool which allows something tangible to be deployed swiftly, Amazon Connect will enable CyberSoc to continuously improve the caller experience as we look to leverage the plethora of automation options and broad integrations with other AWS services in the not-too-distant future.

Get the number and try it out! Visit our contact page.