CyberSoc launches its new website.

We are pleased to reveal that we now have a dedicated, home-grown website that has been developed in-house by our very own committee. This new facility will enable members and other stakeholders to keep track of events, activities and blog releases such as this one! We envision that establishing a solid web presence in this manner will facilitate significantly more effective information dissemination, particularly as remote working continues.

A word from the front-end designer

I'm John, the Communications Manager at CyberSoc, and I've recently been working on designing and developing the CyberSoc website to ensure it can be the place to go for all information related to the society, including upcoming events, news and remote activities.

Firstly, the website had to have a traditional dark background, but I didn't want to fill it with green monospace fonts like a classic hacker-style command line. Instead, I opted for a vibrant blue colour scheme to match our logo and choose fonts like Ubuntu and Roboto to ensure text stood out.

Alongside design, accessibility and usability were the primary focus of the website, and we wanted to ensure that as many people as possible were able to access it. The new website is static, allowing us to take better control over how it was developed, working with Jack to use APIs hosted on AWS.

Why not take a look around the new website and let us know your thoughts or suggestions? We appreciate any feedback, which greatly helps us improve our society.