CyberSoc publishes its '2020 Vision'.

University and the world at large will be very different in 2020/21 in comparison to the previous academic year, yet CyberSoc stands ready to adapt and continue to find innovative ways to provide truly leading student engagement to make the university experience better for everybody whilst relishing opportunities to establish symbiotic relationships with wider pools of academics and industry partners - irrespective of whether we are able to meet physically or not.

This year, the CyberSoc committee has been bolstered with a vastly increased pool of passionate and talented students with skills and experience in a plethora of technologies such as cloud computing, cyber security, software engineering, web development, DevOps, consulting, management and more. CyberSoc seeks to bring out the very best in its committee and members, providing both internally-run and industry-backed events and long-term activities to provide an experience to remember, whilst putting organisations in touch with some of the most passionate students available.

We pride ourselves on our highly inclusive vision and deep investment in the development of our committee and members - these are two particular areas we are focusing on this year.

As a Society, we ensure everything we do aligns congruently with our values: