Introducing our CyberSoc pilot schemes.

We can't wait to offer our 3 pilot schemes this academic year. These schemes will complement our standard society events throughout the year.

Find out more about each one below...

CyberSoc Spotlight

Frequent informational talks from a pool of industry, academics and fellow students on all things tech.

  1. CyberSoc committee scouts for 3-5 speakers from industry, academia and the student body to cover a topic they are interested in.
  2. Upon reaching the 3-5 speaker target, the talk is scheduled and Zoom invites sent out to members.
  3. The Spotlight event is held live. However, in the event of availability issues with speakers, talks may sometimes be pre-recorded and shown in the event alongside a blend of live speakers
  4. A range of pre-recorded and recorded-live Spotlight talks to be made available for viewing via the Spotlight Content Library (to be part of the CyberSoc website).

Spotlight is currently planned to run once monthly, and will be available from November 2020.

CyberSoc Talent

Bespoke employer-backed and remote micro internship experiences to build your CV and network.

  1. Students and employers register for the Talent Scheme via our web app.
  2. Employers upload insightful work briefs onto the web app.
  3. Students opt-in to their desired work brief(s), complete their response(s), upload them and mark these as complete.
  4. Employers are notified of the completed submission.
  5. Certificate of completion generated for you to use on LinkedIn and mention on CV.
  6. Employers review the submission, provide some short feedback and information about their recruitment process.

Talent is designed to be a year-round scheme, and will be ready for launch in January 2021.

CyberSoc Podcasts

An outlet for students to informally talk and deliberate about a topic they are interested in with Podcasts hosts.

  1. CyberSoc scouts for interested person(s) to become involved in an episode of the podcast.
  2. The theme of the podcast is discussed with the interested person(s).
  3. Topic of discussion is finalized and arrangements made to record the podcast with the interested person(s).
  4. Podcast is edited to production quality by the committee.
  5. Podcast episode is published on our website and social media, giving you exposure to a vast network of industry, academics and students.

The frequency of Podcasts is subject to consultation with students, and is envisioned to be available from November 2020.

If you're interested in being a part of these initiatives, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Similarly, if you have any feedback or suggestions about any of these schemes, we’d love to hear from you!