Opportunities at Ocado Group

Aleksandra Banaś, the Ocado Group's on-campus brand ambassador, has a message for you all about the opportunities available at Ocado.

Hi everyone,

I know that because of COVID many of you might be worried about work opportunities and placements. That’s why I want to introduce you to Ocado Group - a leading industry in automatizing supermarket experience looking for people just like you!

Ocado Group aims to change the way the world shops through creating pioneering technology. Their jobs and placement vary from: Software Engeineering, Reliability Engineering, Production Engineering, 500 bot series team, International Engineering Project Team, Design Engineering, Project Management, Logistic Design, UX and many more. Company policy is built around finding new technological solutions. Having a great team is their priority as they are those people that generating ideas. For example, in 2018 they hired more than 300 software engineering to increase the pace the technology evolved and keep ahead of its market, look into the future.

Would you like to become part of amazing Ocado Group team and create this innovative technology? Make sure you register to hear about all their upcoming opportunities using the link below:


This way Ocado Group will be able to get in touch with you straight away when they have a new job or placement vacancies. You, will be in the group of people who got them first!

Additionally click the link below to get more information about their opportunities here:


If you have any questions please feel free to email me: [email protected] (please use Ocado Group as the subject of the email as then I will make sure I answer your email asap).