Our stance on diversity and inclusion.

As a society we want everyone to feel welcome when they come to our socials and events, we work closely with the student's union who have a great Equality and diversity policy (which I have linked below) that we aim to follow as a society. This means that we aim to establish an inclusive culture in our society free of discrimination and value dignity, courtesy and respect. Although we already have plans to create events that are already diverse, we also value feedback from members to let us know how we can do better to create a more diverse environment and what they would like us to do at our events and socials to be successful in this.

Our Give It A Go events will give an insight into what kind of events we will be planning to do and how there will be events that will appeal to everyone even without a massive interest in Cyber security or Computer Science as we aim to make the events fun and addictive.

Official Equality and Diversity Advice from Student Union: Click Here

Report an incident: Click Here