Rate your house with moove!

Lockdown has showed us all the necessity for good housing. If your house is good or bad, your agents attentive or annoying, let moove know...

Finding the 'perfect' student house is an issue we all face, usually with very little knowledge on renting houses (as we've likely never had to before). This leads to us ending up with terrible houses which aren’t what we wanted at all whilst paying way too much for a poor-quality house.

Of course, the notorious letting agents and landlords in Cardiff don't make this any easier by ripping us off with extra charges, invading our privacy when barging in for random viewings and generally just making our lives a living hell. We think it's time to start naming and shaming their unacceptable behaviour! From one ripped off student to another, we need to work together so others don’t fall into the same (rat) trap(s).

A new platform called moove has emerged to provide students the opportunity to do just that! Whether good or bad, moovelets you review your house, letting agent and landlord, to help future students make the best decision, possibly saving them a year from hell. It will also hold letting agents accountable, and lead to the quality of housing that we deserve!

One of the founders ofmoove and Cardiff Uni Grad - Seb Walker commented, "I am super jealous of students who will now have a reliable platform to save themselves from a year of hell when it comes to housing. We've already collected over 400 reviews, the majority have been positive, but we all know that that isn't always the case. Moove is all about letting students make an informed decision before they rent somewhere and I'm super excited to bring it to my uni city first!"

We're excited to be working with CyberSoc to get moove distributed to fellow students, and if you would like to review your student house, please go to: https://moove.to/review-your-house.