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CyberSoc is the Cyber Society at Cardiff University.
Join CyberSoc today, and you will be rubbing shoulders with tremendously passionate students and industry players who are curious about cyber and want to make a difference.

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Our Upcoming Events

We are currently working on some amazing events, please check back later!

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We promise to

FREE Society

We will continue our efforts to provide a free society, diminishing any barriers to joining our community.

More Socials

After the difficult year we have all had, we are increasing the number of social events! These include alcoholic and non-alcoholic events!

Strengthen Your Network

We aim to connect you with a wide variety of tech companies, ranging from local start-ups to tech giants!

Boost Your CV

As a member of CyberSoc, you will stand out from the crowd by attending some of our incredible events!

An Inclusive Community

Inclusivity is at the forefront of CyberSoc, we try our hardest to ensure that it remains a society where everyone feels welcome!

Gold Tier Society

We have been recognised by the Students Union as a Gold Tier Society! This is the highest award that can be given!

Learn About New Tech

At CyberSoc, we are expanding our event line to delve deeper into emerging technologies.

We have worked with amazing companies, see for yourself!